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Start Here!


Welcome to our e-presentation focused on the topic of Teacher as Change Agent as it pertains to curriculum development.  We have developed a series of pages on this wiki for you to explore and then reflect upon your understanding of the content presented.  


At the end of each page, starting with this one, you will see a click HERE button to proceed to the next page of the presentation.  At different points of your exploration, you will come across "Questions for Consideration".  The questions will be highlighted in yellow.  Please post your ideas, thoughts and brief responses in the comments section at the bottom of the corresponding page.  We encourage you to read the responses from your classmates to challenge and extend your thinking.  Please feel free to re-visit the comments if you are one of the first to post. These comment areas will never be closed so you are welcome to post to them and create mini-discussions throughout the presentation in these areas.


At the end of the presentation you will see a PROCEED TO THE WEBCT DISCUSSION note. This is the end of the wiki presentation and the beginning of class discussion on the topic. At this point, please log in to WebCT and enter the discussion for e-presentation #1.  Here you will see the beginning of a discussion topic entitled "Big Picture Question". Please submit an initial response in this discussion area and continue the conversation throughout the remainder of the presentation.  We will be present and contributing to this discussion and will add new big picture questions as we work together through our understanding of the Teacher as Change Agent.  To encourage full participation in this discussion, please complete your participation and exploration of this wiki presentation as well post your initial response on the WebCT disscussion board by November 6th so we can dive into practical discussion together for the remainder of the time allocated to our presentation.  


Throughout the presentation period, November 5th - 8th, we will be here to support you as well as lead and participate in the discussion to further our own understanding of the Teacher as Change Agent.  At any time, please send an email on WebCT to "e-presentation-1" if you need help or have a question.  The three of us will check this email frequently during the presentation dates and get back to you as soon as one of us gets the email.


Your partners in learning,

Andrea, Cindy, Joanie



Let's begin.  Click here for the first learning activity.


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